ice box
Ice pack/freezer pack is designed to freeze and then gradually warm up
while keeping things around it cooler longer.It is enclosed in plastic, so no mess. Just hand wash and reuse. Does not require a water filled etc.
  • Ways of application:Put the ice box in the refrigerator of eighteen degree celsius,put it into use after freezing for twelve hours.

    Range of application:

    1.Long distance food transptation of fruits or seafoods,it plays a big role in keeping them fresh.

    2.Outdoor enthusiasts who take their gear very seriously.

    3.Outdoor enthusiasts who take food storage very seriously.

    4.Food and beverage enghusiasts who love to entertain on outings

    5.Sport fishermen who want to keep their bait cold longer.

    6.Hunters who want to keep feozen game frozen longer.


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