Ice pack


Ingredient:CMC gel

WB9705A  12.5*8.5cm 100g

WB9705B  17*10.5cm  250g

WB9705C   22*15cm   500g

WB9705D   28*19cm   1000g

  • Instruction

    Put it in the freezer for 12 hours or more to freeze the pack,

    then put it in the cooler or cooler bag to keep the fresh of

    food as a cold media.

    The range of application

    1.It is perfect for storage and transportation of biochemical

    reagent or medicine.

    2.For storage and long-distance transportation of fruits, seafood

    and other perishable products.

    3.When without cold source, you can use it to freeze and keep

    fresh of vegetable, beer, beverage, food and so on.

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