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Transport Ice pack
When I put the ability into body fully, can begin a road trip for guard. To protect those fresh and delicious foods, but also active drugs, maybe 1 days, 2, 3, 4... The outside heat can let my hale body become soft, but before achieving my aim, I will supply low temperature, melt into body timely, still hard, and wait next rebirth.more>>
Bottle Cooler
Different wines have their best taste under optimum temperature, Bottles dressed in unique costumes are not just for beauty, but also slip into your mouth in the peak moment, in various shapes, technology and fashion, improve your grade.more>>
Ice blanket
Ice bag’s the Transformers, can make cold preserving agent fixed into cell, erecting multiple ice packs anytime can’t make agent completely heap at the bottom because of gravity, always niform distribution. Between each cell has uniform distribution of the space, can go to cut by yourself, DIY manufactures the size you want.more>>
Transport bag
Cooling capacity of large, long holding time, environmentally friendly materials, easy degradation, pressure on the environment of small, low cost, economic benefits, to meet a variety of transport preservation of cold temperature required.more>>
Disposable Ice cube bag
Light weight can save freight cost, need water injection into the inside, placed in a refrigerator freezer 12 hours , according to the particle of arbitrary cuts they need, whenever and wherever possible to use,perfect for the hot summer, bring you cool feeling!more>>